Friday, October 11, 2013


I've learned a long time ago that when someone says their work
is fiction, it's a half truth.

Most of the time fiction is a cover for something someone writes from experience
or has deep meaning to them but they don't want it to be known, for whatever

I've written my books as fiction but there is a lot of truths that lead me to this

We all live our own half truth fictions. What we choose to let be known and
what we choose to keep buried inside, sometimes deep inside. It's just that
some of us put in words these truths and call them fictions. Maybe sometimes
for our own self preservation.

Weather you thought it, lived it, saw it, experienced it, etc....... it's a part of you
weather you like it or not. What you choose to call it if written or not is up to you.

J.B. Galui
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