Monday, December 9, 2013

Think Before You Read & Respond

I got an email today from some guy from another social network who read some of my books and relayed to me that my stories had too much profanity. That he had lived a hard life & he was appalled by my use of words.
First off I write what I write. I don’t regret or apologize for what I write. I always list that certain books have “Adult Content” so if you can’t understand what that means then maybe you shouldn’t attempt reading.
Second I wrote a Young Adult adventure/mystery book, you can always read that if the others aren’t to your taste.
Third, don’t play the I’ve had a hard life card with me. I don’t know many who haven’t had a hard life in one form or another. Why the hell did he think I wrote my stories in the first place, because it was damn cheaper than therapy.

J.B. Galui