Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Message To Writer's Forums

Writer Forums or Book Forums, or whatever you call your site that
is meant for writers &/or publishers.

Do us authors a big favor. If there is a genre that you don't wish
to be on your site in any posts, you need to list the in the intro

Don't waste the authors time by letting us register, confirm, write a bio,
make & upload a certain sized picture, list our books, upload
a portion of or description of our books, just to turn around the next
day and tell us you are deleting them because of language, content,
sexual situations or whatever your hangup is.

All literature isn't about wizards & fairies & monsters & killers
& robots.
They all don't have happy endings. Life is full of bad language,
explicit sex, smoking, drug use & abuse, off-color humor, etc........
They boy sometimes meets the boy of his dreams,
the girl sometimes meets the girl of hers.

So if your supposed forum can't deal with this, or if this kind of writing
offends you, then let the authors know upfront.
We really don't have a problem with that, what we do have a problem
with is our time wasted.

J.B. Galui
WATTPAD Read a portion of each book free

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