Monday, October 21, 2013

Trying Something Different

I just put my story "A Journey I Can't Escape" in video
format on youtube.

It's a bit different, with a scrolling text that is easy & slow
enough to read. A little background music. Have a drink
and enjoy the read.

Hope you take some time to check it out & let some feedback

J.B. Galui
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Sunday, October 13, 2013

What To Write

Have you ever sat staring out a window or at a wall and
wonder what is the next line to this story or song?

Well I have many times. Does it drive me crazy? Hell yes
but I've found the less you think about it the quicker it all comes
I know you've probably heard this a million times, but it's true. Put
the project down, have a drink. Listen to some music, your choice,
and let your mind wonder. Smoke some weed if it helps.
Get all the crap out of the way. Write the crap down if it helps. Sometimes
that crap may be useful at another time.

Sometimes your mind gets overloaded with everyday shit, I know mine
does. And you can't get to what you need with all that going on in your
head. No one can. It's not a crime to have a vice or two that gets you back
to that place where your thoughts are moving in the direction you need
them to be moving.

I personally like to have more than one project going on at any given time.
That crap I mentioned that's blocking one may be useful in another.

So my point was, don't just sit and stare when you find yourself blocked.
Do something about it, what that something is? Well that's yours to figure

J.B. Galui
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Message To Writer's Forums

Writer Forums or Book Forums, or whatever you call your site that
is meant for writers &/or publishers.

Do us authors a big favor. If there is a genre that you don't wish
to be on your site in any posts, you need to list the in the intro

Don't waste the authors time by letting us register, confirm, write a bio,
make & upload a certain sized picture, list our books, upload
a portion of or description of our books, just to turn around the next
day and tell us you are deleting them because of language, content,
sexual situations or whatever your hangup is.

All literature isn't about wizards & fairies & monsters & killers
& robots.
They all don't have happy endings. Life is full of bad language,
explicit sex, smoking, drug use & abuse, off-color humor, etc........
They boy sometimes meets the boy of his dreams,
the girl sometimes meets the girl of hers.

So if your supposed forum can't deal with this, or if this kind of writing
offends you, then let the authors know upfront.
We really don't have a problem with that, what we do have a problem
with is our time wasted.

J.B. Galui
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Friday, October 11, 2013


I've learned a long time ago that when someone says their work
is fiction, it's a half truth.

Most of the time fiction is a cover for something someone writes from experience
or has deep meaning to them but they don't want it to be known, for whatever

I've written my books as fiction but there is a lot of truths that lead me to this

We all live our own half truth fictions. What we choose to let be known and
what we choose to keep buried inside, sometimes deep inside. It's just that
some of us put in words these truths and call them fictions. Maybe sometimes
for our own self preservation.

Weather you thought it, lived it, saw it, experienced it, etc....... it's a part of you
weather you like it or not. What you choose to call it if written or not is up to you.

J.B. Galui
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